How To Use the Washing Machine

how-to-use-washing-machine – Once you learn the basics of how to use a washing machine, then you will no longer have significant difficulties. This article discusses the processes involved in operating a washing machine and helps you to use your washing machine properly.

If you have just purchased your first washing machine, it is only natural that you have lots of questions about how to use it for best results. Don’t worry, we’ve put together some useful information for you.

Using the right detergent is as important as knowing how to use the right washing machine so that the results of your laundry are clean and smell fresh. Rinso has a wide range of products tailored to suit your needs and your outfit. Remember, always follow the care instructions on the clothing label and the detergent package.

How to wash in a washing machine


An automatic washing machine makes things easy. Simply put the clothes in the washing machine drum, add detergent, and select the appropriate cycle.

Semi-automatic washing machines are also energy-saving equipment for every household. With this type, you still have a lot of control over the process. Put the dirty clothes in, add an appropriate amount of detergent and clean water, then the washing machine will start shaking your clothes to loosen the dirt from the fibers. However, there are a few steps you need to take. Read the following washing machine tips for details on how to use a washing machine.

Steps to use the washing machine

For automatic washing machines, put dirty clothes and detergent in the washing machine drum. Rinso has a wide selection of detergents to help remove various types of stains and dirt.

If you are using an automatic top-loading washing machine, according to the manufacturer’s instruction manual, add the detergent to the washing machine drawer. Select the setting according to the type of clothes, then the washing machine will do the next process.

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To wash clothes using a semi-automatic washing machine, follow the steps below. The user manual contains many useful washing machine tips, so read them first and follow the instructions provided. For starters, entrust the washing machine installation to the party designated by your washing machine manufacturer. After the washing machine is ready to use,

  1. Put dirty clothes and detergent in the washing machine drum.
  2. Fill the tube with water at the temperature needed. To determine the appropriate volume of water, refer to the washing machine manual.
  3. Run a wash cycle. The more load the washing machine loads, the longer it will take to wash it.
  4. After the wash cycle is complete, drain the water through the hose provided at the back of the machine. Refill the tube with clean water, then run the rinse cycle.
  5. After the rinse cycle, your clothes should be clean. In a semi-automatic washing machine, transfer the laundry from the washing drum to the adjacent drum to remove excess water residue that has soaked into the fabric.
  6. Immediately take the laundry out of the washing machine and hang it to dry.

General setting of the washing machine

Most washing machines come with a number of setting options. Read the instructions on how to machine wash clothes on the label of each garment to see which cycle is appropriate. This arrangement, among others, is for clothes that say ‘hand wash only’ or ‘delicates’ on the label. Both types of clothing should be washed in cold water and a mild detergent.

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The normal wash cycle can be used for stronger fabrics, such as cotton or polyester. Use warm water at 60C-90C to wash white clothes. Meanwhile, colored clothes should be washed separately from white clothes at a temperature of 30C-40C.

Washing machine care tips : After using the washing machine, leave the door open so that the inside can dry naturally. Mold can grow on the inside of the washing machine drum that is damp and closed.