About Us

There is a lot to know about us so we will start with the facts. CLS provide facilities that cover the supply, Installation and ongoing servicing of all commercial laundry equipment. The scope of our customer base is wide from the small private industries to the public sector businesses. We work with companies providing the best energy and efficient solutions from the onset with full technical support.

Since the early 1980’s commercial laundry sales & maintenance Ltd has specialised in all aspects of commercial laundry equipment. We supply, maintain and refurbish Laundry machinery, commercial dishwashers and all other related laundry equipment & sundries such as our fully automated detergent dispensing systems complemented by our full range of professional chemicals. Regardless of your needs or budget, we can keep your business spinning!


The specialist skills and technical know-how is continuous, this is driven each day by new tasks and challenges which add to our combined knowledge base. The requirements are always changing and we respond to these changes whether it is regulation for a particular sector or new and updated machinery, you can be rest assured that our team make it their job to know what is happening and make sure that the advice and services we provide are the best they can possibly be.


Our mission is to deliver good value for all the services that we provide and continued support looking after our customers and their equipment.


We work very hard at client retention and we are proud that this stands at over 95%. Our relationships normally start either with a new customer to the industry or a dissatisfied customer looking for better service and better value.


Understanding and performance. Listening to our customers and understanding what they are trying to achieve and what the important factors are to them.


We are strong believers that if you are working efficiently you can deliver the best service possible and maintain good value for your customers.